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Fitness Model

Fitness Model

Fitness Model Key Judging Elements

Fitness models should display:

  • Balanced physique from upper to lower body.
  • X frame shape showing capped delts, small waist taper and balanced leg development.
  • Capped shoulders, good shoulder to waist ratio, definition through the back. 
  • Separation in the quads from the front. 
  • Lines and distinction between the quads and hamstrings visible in side poses.
  • Some visible glute and hamstring tie ins without having to be overly detailed. Glute striations are not necessary.
  • A toned small waist / midsection. Tight abdominal control and no bloating/distension displayed in side on poses.
  • Visible abdominal muscles/plate.
  • Fitness models should be evenly balanced from top to bottom in both muscle density and condition.
  • Fitness models should be smaller in overall muscularity and less conditioned than figure models but are clearly more developed / conditioned than bikini athletic models. 

Judges are not looking for:

  • Extreme conditioning (striations or graininess) to the detriment of muscle fullness and shape.
  • Thick, blocky midsection.
  • Dimpling or loose skin especially in the glutes while walking on stage.
  • No overly exaggerated bending at the hips when facing the rear of the stage.
  • Bikini bottom cuts should not be too narrow as to look like a g-string on stage.
  • Leg and/or arm pieces are not permitted during the prejudging rounds.


  • Open Height classes *TBA
  • 35+
  • 45+

* height classes divided based on number of athletes


0% Physique
0% Posing, beauty and overall stage presentation


  • Bikini round

Evening finals

  • Round 1 – themewear round
  • Round 2 – bikini round