Competitor FAQs

Our FAQ page is designed to provide quick and comprehensive answers to the most common questions about our shows, the registration process, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a novice participant, this section is your go-to resource for clarity and guidance as you prepare to shine on the FMB International stage.


Any individual at any level, from amateur to pro level, is invited to compete in our events. Any questions you have pertaining to your competition prep will be provided to you. Just email us with any inquiries at

Amateur Competitors – Yes, the FMG allows members to compete in any event they choose as an amateur competitor. As an amateur competitor, you cannot be suspended from competing with multiple organisations.

FMG Pro Athletes – FMG Pro athletes are exclusive to FMG International upon individual choice. We hold our Pro Status in high regard.

All FMG shows (excluding FMG Worlds) are open to any competitor.

All 2024 and 2025 shows are qualifying events for FMG Worlds 2025. All athletes (both amateur and professional) must qualify for FMG Worlds 2025 by competing in any show from 2024 onward.

The minimum age for competitors is 18 yo.

Yes – the FMG workshops are open to everyone regardless if you are planning to compete or just want to find out more about what FMG International is all about.

A competitor who competes in our show may be awarded their FMG Pro Card at the judge’s discretion if they display the qualities of an FMG Pro. Winning your division does not automatically guarantee a Pro Card.

Our shows are prestigious red-carpet events. In keeping with the FMG International brand and standards, all competitors must be dressed smartly at competitor meetings and media night, and in front of the venue and auditorium. No thongs, track pants, singlets etc., are permitted to be worn (except for when you are in the backstage area only).

Yes, please bring your partner/friend and be sure to take your photo with them on the red carpet media wall areas. Photos will be published on our social media pages that you are able to download and save.

No team robes are allowed backstage. This is to ensure that we don’t have groups / teams congregating together and leaving anyone feeling excluded.  FMG want to create a welcoming environment for all athletes regardless of who your coach is or what team you have prepped with.  FMG robes are available for purchase or any plain non-team related robe is acceptable.

No alcohol is permitted at any FMG international event.  This is not the image we want to portray. No alcohol is allowed backstage at any FMG international event.  Competitors caught with alcohol will be disqualified.

All competitors are responsible for their personal belongings. Please be selective regarding what you bring to a show. The FMG or venues will not be liable for lost or stolen items.

Due to the large number of competitors at FMG shows, there is limited space backstage. We provide helpers for competitors backstage. Therefore, no trainers, friends, family members or assistants are allowed in the backstage area.  FMG shows run professionally and, therefore, need everything to work efficiently backstage.

Please have everything prepared before you arrive.

All competitors are expected to respect their fellow competitors. We want to create a positive backstage atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and at ease.

FMG International will not tolerate inexcusable behaviour backstage. Please help one another make the whole event a positive and memorable one for all.

FMG International is different from any other organisation out there to date. It was founded by former athletes, so we understand the needs as well as the ups and downs of all competitors.

Our shows aren’t just your ordinary competition; they’re your spotlight moments. On our extraordinary stage, beneath the blazing lights, in front of a roaring crowd, you’re the centrepiece. We ensure that you’re judged fairly, with the utmost respect and professionalism.

But FMG International isn’t just about the contest; it’s about forging bonds that last beyond the show weekend. It’s a place where you’re not just a competitor; you’re a member of an inspiring, supportive, and tight-knit community.

Our ultimate goal is for you to walk away feeling like the show was one of the most epic days of your life. We want you to revel in your achievements, make lifelong connections, and, most importantly, feel like the best version of yourself.

Details of registration fees are available on the individual show pages.

All competitors must read and agree to the conditions of entry