fmg International

Transformation Makeover

Transformation ~Noun
A significant change in form, nature, or appearance.


At FMG International, we understand that the path to health and success is often filled with personal challenges. We recognize that some individuals start their journey from a place of trauma, tragedy, or hardship. It is from this understanding that we have created the Transformation Division.

This division provides an opportunity for FMG International and its athletes to celebrate those who are still on their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. These individuals may not yet be ready for the open division, but they have the chance to showcase their incredible progress.

When we think of transformation, we think of one word: REMARKABLE. It encompasses the physical, mental, emotional, or life-changing journey that leaves a lasting impact. In this division, we invite anyone with a REMARKABLE story to share. Whether it’s overcoming an illness, loss, trauma, or addiction, if your message is powerful enough to move people, we encourage you to register for the Transformation Division.

We will honour your journey, resilience, strength, and personal growth. Together, we will celebrate the victories you have achieved so far, and we will award a winner based on the BEST physical transformation onstage!

This category is open to everyone and will be judged based on both the physical appearance/transformation and the overall obstacles that were overcome to accomplish it.

Prejudging & Evening finals

  • Swimwear round (square cut trunks for males, bikini for females)

Evening finals

  • Evening wear round (suits for males, evening gown for females).